New Yatt Riding for the Disabled

It's what you CAN do that counts


What we do


New Yatt RDA is an inclusive and diverse organization. We welcome riders with physical and learning disabilities and there are no age restrictions.


Horse riding is widely recognised as an excellent form of therapy - building self-confidence, improving concentration, co-ordination and balance. It also provides an opportunity to work on social skills, take part in exercise and to be included in a fun sport.


Riding Lessons:

Whether riding with a school, having group lessons or a one-to-one, we tailor all our sessions to the individual needs of our riders. Not only are our ponies and horses perfectly matched to our riders, but the activities, support and length of ride too. We use many different teaching aids to help our riders improve their riding as well as help with their physical wellbeing. We also incorporate games and activities to build confidence and social skills. More importantly, we have fun!


Horse Care Sessions:

We also offer the opportunity for our riders to take part in horse care sessions. Whether it’s learning to groom a pony, clean tack or prepare feeds, we can help and support our riders to learn more about what is involved in owning and caring for a horse or pony.