New Yatt Riding for the Disabled

It's what you CAN do that counts




Fundraising is critical to ensuring the future of what we do. We rely heavily on donations, grants and fundraising activities to provide the financial support to keep doing what we do best. We do generate some income from our sessions but these are heavily subsidized by funds raised by our wonderful volunteers, supporters and the wider community.


With no staff or site rent to pay, all funds received are directly spent in 3 key areas:

  • Horse Care and Rider Subsidy - the actual cost to provide each therapeutic ride is over £25 which would be unaffordable for many riders and their families. However, through direct donations and fundraising efforts we can subsidise the riding fee. We currently charge £10 per 30 min lesson.
  • Improve our Site and Facilities - since 2012 we have expended over £50,000 on-site maintenance, including re-roofing our stable block and field shelters. In August 2018, we installed a new Andrews Bowen Propell RDA Mix arena surface.
  • Boost New Pony Fund - our budget to buy each new weight carrying horse or pony is £5000 to include vetting, tack and insurance.

We really appreciate every donation made to our charity, whether it be 50p in our charity boxes or £500 raised by baking cakes or cutting your hair, it all makes such a huge difference.


During these difficult times, we have never relied so heavily on the kind donations to help keep our gates open. If you would like to support us, please feel free to donate whatever you can via our Just Giving Page.


We are always looking for new ways to raise funds. If you have any suggestions on how we can safely raise money, we would love to hear from you: Fundraising